Is there anything you value more than your health?

If you could clap your hands and achieve good health wouldn't you do it?

Why we don't all have good health is due to lifestyle choices and we don't move away from these poor choices as we perceive the journey to be too hard.

As a Wellness practitioner it is my job to educate you to ask the right questions, to make the right decisions and move you towards health. This journey is not hard it is a slow gentle drift down a river in an inner tube not an uphill swim against the current!

Child on exercise ball

Anyone can achieve good health and anyone can improve poor health.

75% of all deaths are due to lifestyle choices.

25 million pills are consumed every hour in the US.

We have never had so many doctors, nurses or hospitals, so many drugs and performed so much surgery… and yet we've never been sicker.

Clearly doing what we have been doing isn't working.

As a chiropractor I already have a holistic view of the body and I have discovered that the exact same poor lifestyle choices that are causing the epidemic of joint problems are the exact same poor lifestyle choices that cause obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, low fertility etc etc and I can prove it.

With that understanding it is impossible for me not to pass on this information, being able to alleviate back pain is wonderful but being able to educate you to prevent chronic illness is exciting beyond measure.


If you are a patient of mine you will know how passionately I feel about this area and will probably have attended some of the talks. For those of you who have not heard me speak please feel free to contact the clinic directly or visit the News & Events page for dates of further talks.

Private consultations are available on request.

As a Wellness practitioner it is my job to give you a map, a compass and keep your heading towards your destination of good health.

This is not a fad diet, this is common sense and will address 3 areas. How to:

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