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This is a very professional and friendly clinic. Dr Debbie Saxton was quick to diagnose the problems I was having with my back and reassuringly explained her proposed treatment. It was most effective and alleviated much of the pain and discomfort that I had prior to my visit to the clinic. Dr Saxton's recommendations and advice regarding exercise and self help have made a marked improvement on my posture.

My husband has also visited the clinic on several occasions and has been equally pleased with his treatment.

M.H., Harrogate

Over the last few years, I have several times “put my back out” and it took longer and longer after each episode for my back to feel “right” again. In October 2007, I was putting petrol in my car, swung the nozzle back into the pump and felt my back “go”. At the end of November, I was still in a lot of pain, far from upright and everyday living was very hard work.

A timely flyer through my door brought me to the clinic. After giving a detailed history, there followed a full unrushed examination, diagnosis and discussion on treatment. I find the treatment gentle and effective, the advice on “back management” invaluable and am very glad to be upright and pain free again, living and moving normally.

An added benefit is that by seeing the same practitioner, no repetition of detail is necessary at each appointment. It is reassuring to know the clinic is there to turn to for help, if a problem develops. I wish I had found them sooner!

C.B., Harrogate

With great excitement our son Sam had made it into the “A” team for rugby. During practice he took it upon himself to endeavour to move a ruck: “It was going nowhere, mum someone had to shift it”. Ambulance, X-rays, three days of concussion later Sam was left with bad photophobia and could not tolerate any natural or electric light, not even the telly or a computer game. We knew where to go. At 13 Leeds Road, Harrogate, some 220 miles from our home, is the Family Chiropractic Clinic and Dr Debbie Saxton. We bundled Sam into the car, covered with a blanket to shut out the light, and four hours later he stumbled into the clinic with his eyes tight shut. The staff there are lovely and know us well. Blinds were drawn and lights were dimmed. Debbie set to work checking Sam's reflexes and, having located the problem, made swift assured adjustments. As if by magic, Sam could see again. Up went the blinds, on went the lights and we all felt we had seen a miracle.

Two years on Sam suddenly started having attacks of not being able to breathe, fainting and fitting. We saw endless doctors and he had many tests. For six months we only found out what was not wrong with him and our GP was stumped. Desperate to do something and with Sam having up to seven fits a day and excluded from school, I was persuaded by a friend to try complementary medicine. Pure good fortune lead us to a highly regarded radionics practitioner who referred us to the internationally renowned Australian Chiropractor, Dr Neil Davies, who was visiting England on a lecture tour. After taking a very detailed history and making a thorough a examination, Dr Davies diagnosed a complex neurological disorder. Dr Davies has developed a means of treating neurological malfunction. Dr Saxton trained with him in Melbourne and took on Sam's case. So began our regular trips to Harrogate for treatment and gradually over the next six months the fits subsided and stopped. We are totally convinced that without Debbie's skill and care Sam would've been unable to resume normal schooling and all the sports about which he is so passionate.

Sam still has the occasional blip but has not had a fit since December 2004, after a year with the help of STARS (the blackout trust) who signposted us to a cardiologist familiar with Sam's condition, Sam was diagnosed with reflex anoxic seizures (RAS) for which there is no conventional medical treatment, however, experience has shown beyond question that highly specialised chiropractic care, combined with diet, can resolve much of the problem.

RAS is apparently a relatively rare condition which is frequently misdiagnosed as epilepsy. There are, as yet, few GPs and specialists who have the expertise to recognise the condition although STARS is making great progress to change this.

J.B., Gloucestershire

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